Xacto Cobros y Mas

Xacto Cobros y Mas

20 avenida 3-89 Zona 8 de Mixco San Cristobal 2 Sector B2, Guatemala - Guatemala - Guatemala

WWW http://www.xactocobrosymas.com
Gladly we are at your service in providing our services to extra-judicial reorganization and court of accounts in arrears, bank loans overdue, trust and mortgage loans as well as credit card loans, bounced checks, bills you change unpaid , shipping orders and any other document containing bad debts.

The experience in the field for several years; knowledge, technological support and our team of human labor, besides invested innovative processes to ensure a more efficient service, allows us to guarantee the best of our efforts and commitment that those overdue accounts that have been impossible to retrieve by companies that contract will be paid in the shortest possible time or in the worst case have a recommendation for judicial recovery, depending on each case.

If any of our customers want us to be us who we manage its current portfolio with a maximum of 59 days delinquent; from our experience we can handle this type of charge which usually take the same procedures for a charge with high arrears, with the only difference of treatment for these debtors will be less hard for customers with overdue arrears with longer maturities.


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