Multiservicios Carrillo

14 c Mod 18-18 b apto 308 Nimajuyu 1 zona 21 - San José Pinula - Guatemala - Guatemala

Rpte: Álvaro Carrillo
Multiservicios Carrillo:
It is pleased to provide the following services for your home:
Cleaning septic tanks
Flushes soakaways
Services treatment plant
Cleaning grease traps
Cleaning elevated tanks
Tank washings
Leak repair drinking water
Installing tackle health reposaderas wash sink leaks
We uncover all drain
downspouts with drilling machine and ram pump
Budget without commitment
We have tankers with capacity of 8 cubic meters qualified personnel for this type of work will be a pleasure to serve you.
absolute guarantee.
We work inside and outside the city, 7 days a week and holidays


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