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I am pleased to write to you in order to offer our products, I'm sure will be of interest to your company.

Bropack, it is a company dedicated to the marketing and distribution of packaging materials, packaging and labeling so we are committed to providing high quality products at very competitive prices for the benefit of your company.
Some of our prices are as follows:
Monthly Specials.
Box 18x1000 Stretch Film feet 17 microns (Box 4 units) now Q220 Q280 normal price (purchases over 5 cases the price is Q200 box)
Stretch Film box 18x800 feet 15 microns (Box 4 units) normal price Q220, Q180 now.
Box 72 units 2-inch transparent tape. 90 yards x 43 microns, normal price Q540 Q460 now
Also, if you were interested in any of our products, please contact me so that we can send you the necessary information and samples to the respective tests.


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